What are the payment methods on this website?
You can pay for an order on our site using debit card, American Express, Paypal, bank transfer or cheque.
How will my order be delivered?
You can choose your delivery method, whether with Colissimo to the address of your choice in 48 hours, or with TNT to a collection point or to your house within 24 hours.
I bought an item of clothing or a pair of shoes but they do not fit. What can I do?
Following your purchase on golfplus.fr you have the option to make an exchange by returning the item which does not fit. Return it in its original packaging to:
Internet Service
8 rue de Normandie
78630 Orgeval
specifying your reasons for the return. We will then process the exchange.
I want to sell my equipment. What is the procedure?
Golf Plus offers the option of selling your equipment against a valid in-store price guide. This sale will be made on the basis of a Golf Plus price guide.
There is a possibility that your offer will be made in-store only. We suggest that you contact your nearest Golf Plus store.
Can Golf Plus lend me golf equipment?
We have test clubs in our shops which are available to you for a trial period of 48 hours. This will allow you to leave with the clubs and test them in real conditions before buying them.
These trials are charged at €10, which is refunded if a purchase is made. Alternatively, if you wish to rent the clubs for one or more days, please contact your nearest Golf Plus branch.
Is it possible to try out golf equipment?
It is possible to try out golf equipment in all of our Golf Plus shops. This will allow you to leave with the clubs and test them in real conditions before buying them.
These trials are charged at €10, which is refunded if a purchase is made.
Does Golf Plus sell used equipment?
All Golf Plus shops have used golf equipment. If you do not find the club you are looking for and you are looking specifically for used items, we suggest you try our partner Golf en Stock, who can probably meet your request: www.golfenstock.com
How do I make an order on the site?
Once you have selected your products, sign in to your customer account or create your customer account. You can then finalise your order by choosing your chosen delivery method.
How can I find out about the availability of a product in store?
We have a reduced cost telephone helpline for you to contact the branch of your choice. We suggest you contact the branch closest to your address to find out their availability. Telephone number: 0820 23 18 18 (0.12 cts/min)
I want equipment but I'm not sure what to choose.
We offer the possibility in store of testing the clubs to give you an idea of the equipment which suits your needs. Are you a beginner?
Get started with a half set which can later be completed (Wilson) or replaced by a complete set once you have taken your first steps (see our Strata offer at €159).
We also suggest you contact your nearest Golf Plus branch and benefit from a fitting session.
Our experts will know which clubs are best adapted to your swing and morphology.
What are the differences between flexes (lady, regular, senior, stiff and extra stiff)?
The flex of a shaft is its ability to deform during the swing. According to whether they are more or less flexible, shafts are categorised in several flexes:
lady for women, and for men according to rigidity in ascending order: Medium (also A flex, Soft regular or Senior depending on brand), regular, stiff and extra stiff.
The standard rigidity or the most common for men is “regular”. • Extra stiff: Generally represented by an “X” on the shaft
• Stiff: Generally represented by an “S” on the shaft
• Regular: Generally represented by an “R” on the shaft
• Soft regular/Senior/Medium: Generally represented by “M” or “A” on the shaft
• Lady: Represented by an “L” on the shaft
What is the torque of a shaft?
It is the twisting of the shaft when it comes into contact with the ball, or the propensity of the shaft to twist on its axis. The higher the torque, the softer the feel but the lower the precision. In the case of a powerful and fast swing, a low torque is required.
What is the loft of a club?
When choosing your wood, you will have noticed that the drivers in particular are available in 9°, 10.5° or 12° and are now sometimes “adjustable”.
The loft, or face angle, is the angle formed between the vertical and the club face.

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