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The new Rogue irons embody the Rogue philosophy of breaking established protocols to develop new ways to optimize a golf club's performance. These irons feature a high-end multi-material structure to combine new technologies with the advancements in our advanced technologies that have allowed Callaway to become the premier golf brand. Striving for unprecedented levels of performance, Callaway has created the best distance, precision and playability ever achieved with an iron.

Specifications : 

360 Face Cup and VFT
Rogue irons combine our famous 360 Face Cup technology with Variable Face Thickness (VFT) technology to expand the part of the face that delivers fast ball speed. Face Cup technology uses a soft, shallow band around the perimeter of the face that flexes and relaxes on impact to increase the speed of the ball. The VFT also influences how the face itself flexes to promote greater ball speed on off-center hits. The combination of these two technologies improves ball speed and distance. 

Optimum trajectory and control thanks to tungsten weighting
The tungsten weighting allows us to position the CG in each of the long irons with extraordinary precision, which promotes an optimal ball start and control in each loft. Tungsten, twice as heavy as steel, concentrates significant weight in a small space in the form of a complex-shaped component, which is the key to accurate control of GC location. 

Urethane microspheres for incredible sound and feel
The advantage of a slender club surface is faster ball speed and longer distance. The disadvantage is excessive vibrations that produce unpleasant sound and sensations. Urethane dampens vibrations to improve sound and feel, but can also significantly reduce the face's ability to flex, lowering COR and ball speed. Our elastic urethane microspheres provide the sound and tactile benefits of urethane without compromising COR or ball speed. 

Snape Performance Set
Length, precision, ease of typing and versatility, with extraordinary sound and feel. Large head with medium top edge, medium foot width and progressive offset.

Shaft : True Temper XP 95

Name Loft Availability Longueur Lie Offset Graphite Swing Weight Steel Swing Weight
#3 18° Droitière / Gauchère 39.50" 59.75° 0.270 D1 D3
#4 20.5° Droitière / Gauchère 38.875" 60.50° 0.260 D1 D3
#5 23° Droitière / Gauchère 38.25" 61.25° 0.250 D1 D3
#6 26° Droitière / Gauchère 37.625" 62.00° 0.240 D1 D3
#7 30° Droitière / Gauchère 37.00" 62.50° 0.230 D1 D3
#8 34.5° Droitière / Gauchère 36.50" 63.00° 0.220 D1 D3
#9 39° Droitière / Gauchère 36.00" 63.50° 0.210 D1 D3
PW 44° Droitière / Gauchère 35.75" 64.00° 0.200 D1 D3
AW 49° Droitière / Gauchère 35.50" 64.00° 0.175 D1 D3
SW 54° Droitière / Gauchère 35.25" 64.00° 0.150 D1 D3
LW 59° Droitier uniquement 35.00" 64.00° 0.125 D1 D3 uses cookies on this website to ensure an excellent browsing experience for all its users. By continuing your browsing, you agree to the use of cookies. Click here to find out more